Storm Glass Forcaster

The Storm Glass was first invented in the 1700's, to help give warning of approaching bad weather.  Although since then we've developed better weather forecasting methods, this piece has gorgeous design and craftsmanship, and is the perfect gift for weather or science buffs.  Crafted with high quality Borosilicate Glass, this is a beautiful piece for any home.  

How it works?

  • Liquid is Clear --> Prepare for bright weather

  • Liquid is Cloudy --> There will be clouds, and perhaps precipitation

  • Liquid contains small dots --> Humid or foggy weather

  • If the liquid contains small stars on sunny winter days, then snow is coming

  • If there are large flakes throughout the liquid, it will be overcast in temperate seasons or snowy in the winter

  • If there are crystals at the bottom, this indicates frost

  • If there are threads near the top, it will be windy

What's Included?

1 x Storm Glass Forecaster 
1 x Wood Base 
Please allow 2-4 weeks (to be safe) for shipping
***Free Shipping While Sale Lasts***