Power Drill Brush Attachment Set

This amazing brush set allows you to complete rigorous cleaning tasks with ease!

Convert any cordless drill into a power scrubber in an instant with this simple, yet practical power scrub attachment! Scrub away all unwanted dirt from anything that involves rigorous time and effort to clean in just a matter of minutes! 

Power Drill Brush Attachment Set Features:

  • Simple and Easy - Simply attach your desired brush on any cordless power drill, and you're all set for a turbo-charged cleaning experience! Professional-grade cleaning is now within reach for the masses!

  • Widely Compatible - This drill attachment supports the standard 1/4 inch drill shaft making it compatible with most drills and drivers!

  • Nano Nylon Bristles - It packs nylon bristles that won't cause any form of scratches or damage upon regular use!*  Use it on tubs, sinks, baseboards, fiberglass shower enclosures, shower door tracks, and porcelain.

  • Includes 3 Types of Brush - Each package of the PowerBrush comes in 3 different sizes and shapes for different types of objects! Experience the PERFECT cleaning coverage no matter what you clean! 


    Package includes:

    • 3 x Power Brush Drill Attachment (3 different sizes)